Josh Nolan’s Results

Active from 2007 to 2016
Member Number: 2030B
Races: 11
Wins: 0 (0.0%)
Top Ten: 6 (54.5%)

DateRacePlacekmTimeSpotHandicapC/AdjN/TimeMarginkm Rate
24 June, 2007RetireInvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap136.522:35122:2520:101:093:28
28 June, 2009RetireInvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap106.521:0691:5019:160:403:15
5 June, 2011Caruana Cross Country Classic37828:4961:3027:193:123:36
19 June, 2011Retireinvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap96.520:3291:5018:420:493:10
3 June, 2012VCCL 5x3km Relay Challenge29310:2770:429:450:463:29
1 July, 2012Yvonne Callaghan Handicap35518:5410:1018:444:343:47
15 May, 2016Parks Victoria 5x3km Relay Challenge7*39:1970:428:370:283:06
22 May, 2016Fraser Murray Family Feud Handicap6516:3871:0515:330:413:20
29 May, 2016AB Phillips Handicap56.523:2171:2521:560:493:36
5 June, 201621st Caruana Cross Country Classic7826:4571:4525:000:453:21
19 June, 201617th Westgate Bridge Handicap7516:1271:0515:070:313:14

*Individual relay placings are not counted in Top 10 and Wins totals.